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It is practically impossible to determine the wealth of the region’s museum scene, since committed private people in many places have a passion which they make publically accessible to others – frequently with an astonishingly professional outcome. This list includes a selection of these private collections as well as the major museums, which are also worth a visit by architecture enthusiasts.

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Krippenmuseum © Karin Gabrielli

Krippenmuseum | Museum

Außenansicht vom Museum © Vorarlberger Museumswelt

Vorarlberger Museumswelt | Museum

vorarlberg museum © Petra Rainer, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus

vorarlberg museum | Museum

Christbaumschmuck Museum | Museum

Galleries Feldkirch | Gallery

Schmiedemuseum © Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH

Schmiedemuseum | Museum

Museum des Feuerwehr-Oldtimer Vereins © Feuerwehr-Oldtimerverein Hard

Museum des Feuerwehr-Oldtimer Vereins | Museum

Stadtmuseum Dornbirn © Stadtmuseum Dornbirn

Stadtmuseum Dornbirn | Museum

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