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Welcome to a place that is as colourful as it is diverse. The Bodensee-Vorarlberg region is a melting pot of urbanity and nature and everything in between, offering diverse experiences which keep visitors coming back again and again. Above all, it is the encounters with locals that make trips stay long in the memory - the people of Vorarlberg are known to be down-to-earth and welcoming. Get to know the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region and enjoy our insider tips! 

Blick auf Bodensee und Bodensee-Vorarlberg Region

Where are we?

The Bodensee-Vorarlberg region lies right on the western edge of Austria, with direct borders to neighbouring Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and ample access to Lake Constance. From Hohenweiler at its northern tip to Nenzing in the south, the Rhine Valley is where two thirds of Vorarlberg’s population lives. The cities of Bregenz, Dornbirn, Hohenems and Feldkirch each offer their own unique cultural experiences, while the more rural and mountainous regions offer landscapes which change with every season. The range of possible activities in this region knows no bounds. To catch a real-time glimpse, check out our various webcams

The region is easily reachable by land or air – find out more about getting here.

Quality of life is one of the region’s cornerstones, with a proud range of cultural activities and attractions on offer. Lake Constance, Europe’s second largest lake, is a timeless visitor magnet with a Mediterranean flair and a taste of the good life. From its shores, stare out to the horizon and its ever-changing colour tones and spectacular sunsets.  

Traveling on foot or by bike, you can quickly reach nature reserves with seemingly untouched flora and fauna. Truly enriching experiences are on offer here, with such a wealth of destinations and activities that it’s almost impossible to do it all in just one trip. 

The people of the region have always been proudly industrious, whether in craftmanship or quality agricultural production. Gastronomy is alive and well here, as are cultural life, handwork and design. Meanwhile, the region’s architecture and wooden construction methods have inspired whole generations. 

Blick auf Bregenz und den Bodensee bei Sonnenuntergang
Wandern Karren

It is always people who shape landscapes. Here, conscious preservation over the centuries has safeguarded the region's most valuable asset - its natural diversity - while at the same time keeping pace with the innovative power of modern life. Get to know some local personalities and their stories here. 

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Take a look at various destinations in Vorarlberg and get inspired by the diversity of its nature and the wealth of experiences. 


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