Museum für Druckgrafik, Rankweil

The Museum for Graphic Reproduction in the town of Rankweil was opened in 2004. Its primary goal is to provide the visiting public with an introduction to a completely functional printing workshop, to provide visitors with insights into the art of graphic printing and design. Using displays, the various techniques and processes involved in graphic reproduction are presented. There is also a historic mechanical lithography press, which has been in use for over 100 years.

In addition, the museum is a printing workshop for artists, where original graphic works can be printed using classical techniques. This bridging of the past with the present has created a living, changing and versatile museum. In its efforts to preserve and activate the knowledge and skills of the few remaining lithographers, a documentation center has been formed as a long-term research base for future generations. Current examples of graphic printing are presented in the museum’s frequently changing exhibits.