Bienenmuseum Immenhof in Nenzing

Bienenmuseum Immenhof, Nenzing

The Bee Museum Immenhof, in the town of Nenzing-Beschling, is a very special place. Already as a child, Edith Berchtold, the owner of this small private museum, discovered her fascination for bees. Later, along her work on a farm, she looked after as many as 70 bee colonies at one time. In 2005 she decided to convert one of her distinctive bee houses – which are also themselves structurally interesting – into a museum, in order to try to pass on her fascination for apiculture and beekeeping to others.

Beekeeping has been a hobby and a passion in the Berchtold family for four generations. Most of the older implements and equipment are still preserved. The oldest exhibit items are over 100 years old. Some of the exhibit objects originated from other regional beekeepers. In the spring and summer visitors of all ages can take part in guided tours and, with the help of displays, learn all about beekeeping, the production of honey, and apiculture. Next to the museum there is also an educational “bee trail”.