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Architecture that looks to the future

The historic architectural legacy of the state is witness to the eventful history along the River Rhine which, like all border areas, was a melting pot. Even back in the Middle Ages, there were connections to the major metropolises of the time and to buildings inspired by them. This early building culture is reflected in the architectural works of today – over the past quarter of a century, the state has progressed to become an affirmed destination for those interested in architecture.

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Basilika Rankweil © Rankweil Tourismus

Basilica Rankweil | Historical building

vorarlberg museum © Adolf Bereuter für cukrowicz nachbaur architekten

vorarlberg museum | Architecture


Seehotel am Kaiserstrand | Architecture

Schaufelschluchtbrücke © Wolfgang Holzer

Schaufelschluchtbrücke | Architecture

Dompfarrkirche St. Nikolaus © Gabriela von der Thannen

Dompfarrkirche St. Nikolaus | Historical building

Hafengebäude - Die Welle © Petra Rainer, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus

Hafengebäude "Die Welle" | Architecture

Junker Jonas Schlössle © Marktgemeinde Götzis

Jonas Schlössle | Historical building

Badehaus, Seehotel am Kaiserstrand © Österreich Werbung

Badehaus, Seehotel am Kaiserstrand | Architecture

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