Montforthaus Feldkirch


Architects Hascher Jehle, Mitiska Wäger

Amazing – a larger building is built on the site of the old event centre, and more space is provided both inside and out. The secret of this successful architecture in the heart of a network of narrow old city streets can be admired in Feldkirch; soft, twisted shapes make ideal use of the available space without producing an ugly rear site anywhere. The historic Old City and a listed city wall contrast very charmingly with the light, bright facade, and the mighty rock wall on one side and the Schattenburg on the other suddenly look down in a much more kindly way on the new building. The wide range of flexible rooms cope with every aspect of the latest convention culture. The ingenious acoustics were also a top priority - after all, the Montforthaus is once again home to the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra with a stage for international stars.
Award: 7. Vorarlberger Hypo-Bauherrenpreis 2015 (Winner of the 7th Vorarlberg Hypo Developers' Prize in 2015)