Frühling an der Seepromeande in Bregenz

11 outdoor activities in spring

The first outings in spring are the most beautiful

When the days slowly get longer again and nature awakens to new life in spring, the warming rays of the sun entice you to outdoor activities. It is well known that nature is good for the soul.

A leisurely stroll along Lake Constance is a great way to listen to the soothing sounds of nature, while the Birdwatch app helps matching up the birds you spot. Even more wild animals can be marveled at in the Wildpark Feldkirch. With the Pfänderbahn and Karren Cable Car you can enjoy the view of the green valley, the blue Lake Constance and the still partly snow-covered mountain peaks, and on short bike tours the first flower meadows awaken spring fever. And during event rides and round trips on the ships on Lake Constance, you can feel the wind in your hair and enjoy spring with all your senses.