Lech-Zürs am Arlberg

The world-famous winter skiing resort which, despite vast skiing areas, star-bearing hotels and high society guests, has maintained its original charm. It offers a discerning range of cultural offerings far from the events culture and party zones. The region is an insider tip for summer guests who are increasingly discovering that the hiking routes and spectacles or nature are particularly charming in the summer – something the skiing enthusiasts are completely unaware of. In the autumn, the Philosophicum attracts a certain clientele to the idyllic town, turning it into the focal point of the philosophical contemplation on society.

  • Rüfikopf
    You can even take your buggy along on the cable car ride to the Rüfikopf and on the short tour as far as Monzabonsee, and find out a lot of interesting information on the way: a piece of the history of the earth is waiting to be discovered in a near-by field of fossils from the ocean which left behind its fossils at high altitude millions of years ago. The view across the entire Arlberg is reason enough in itself to take a trip to the location, at an altitude of 2,350 metres above sea level.
  • Lechweg
    A hike along the torrential stream, from its source to the waterfall: Formarinsee feeds the Lech which, as of recently, has its own award-winning hiking path – the Lechweg. It flows through unspoilt nature from the source of the Lech as far as Germany.
  • The history of the Walsers
    The Huber-Hus, which grants visitors a look at life in Lech at the time of the first settlements there, dates back to 1590. A further piece of Walser history can be found at an altitude of approx. 1,800 m above sea level – the Bürstegg is the highest Walser settlement in the region.
  • Lech
    A historic walk around Lech takes you to the old St. Nikolaus parish church, the old courthouse, and across Lech bridge, all of which are well-preserved, historic buildings still bearing the charm of the past.
  • The Green Ring
    In the summer, a three-day hiking route takes you along the famous White Ring skiing course, and includes spectacular highlights such as spending the night in a bivouac in the middle of a cliff. A literary hiking guide accompanies the art installations and mis-en-scènes along the way in an entertainment, informative fashion.
  • The Green Ring mystery rally
    The family programme for fans of mysteries to extend the Green Ring takes you from Lech to the Rudalpe. Boffins are faced with a serious challenge – and before you know it, the steep path takes you up to the fantastic sun terrace which is an easy feat even with small children in tow.