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Exciting facts about the region

Life is full of surprises – even more so when you travel.

... municipalities make up the region of Bodensee-Vorarlberg.
A stay here also offers travellers with little time to spare time out to chill the soul. A stay here also offers travellers with little time to spare time out to chill the soul.
We share the same passion and work together to achieve our goals.
Kerstin Beiter
Around 30,000 rose bushes from 1200 varieties are to be found on the island of Mainau.
... stock metres of fir, spruce and deciduous wood are regrown every year in Vorarlberg.

From two excursion destinations ...

Bodensee-Vorarlberg Freizeitkarte

... it's worth buying the Bodensee-Vorarlberg Leisure Ticket.

12. 23.4% is the area that the Alps cover in the region (60,825 hectares).
Wishes are floating through the air. Should you inadvertently inhale one of them, it will sink quietly into your body, unfold there, and motivate you. You had better not fight it; allow yourself to be lead, and everything will eventually turn out well.

The gigantic clown’s head, the heart of the stage set, was brought to the lake stage by boat. It was built in a workshop nearby in Hard, measures around 14 metres and weighs around 35 tonnes.

Regional specialities

Christine Dünser Manufaktur


Lustenauer Senf


Schöbel Höchstgenuss

© David Fussenegger Textil

David Fussenegger Textil

Schokoladengenuss Fenkart

Fenkart Schokoladenmanufaktur


Bärlauchpesto Pfändergold


The fantastic world of soups at the Elfenküche

Josefines Spitzen-Taschen

Josefines lace-bags

Suppenwürze © Vetterhof

Soup secrets by Vetterhof

Garten Eder Seifen

Soap dreams by Garten Eder


Melt-in-the-mouth pleasures by SchokoMus

Dietrich Vorarlberger Kostbarkeiten

A drop of the special stuff – Möth-Brigantium