People and Stories

Love stories, old tales, new tales, short stories... Stories which tell of life in the middle of a pulsating isle of tranquillity. Stories about people from the region - people that leave their mark on precisely this region. Who make it what it is.

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Gymnastikgruppe TS Röthis

Show your colours!

Biohof Kohler © Petra Rainer

You reap what you sow.

Martin McFly Winkler © Petra Rainer, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus

Gravity is just one of those theories

Jüdisches Museum © Petra Rainer

Border town in a time of change

Anna-Claudia Strolz © Strolz Leuchten

Real lights for bright nights

Burgruine Alt-Ems © Petra Rainer

Alt-Ems castle ruins

Roland Adlassnig © Petra Rainer

A Burning Desire

Franz Blum © Petra Rainer

You are either a passionate fisherman, or not at all

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