Die Arbogastsenke mit der Wallfahrtskirche und der Ruine Neu-Montfort

Natural diversity and beauty around Götzis

Experience the nature of Götzis on a leisurely hike through the Örflaschlucht (gorge), Mationswiesen (meadows), the hollow at Arbogast, the ruins of Neu-Montfort and past the chapel of St. Loy to the starting point.

The wooded surroundings of Götzis are ideal for a leisurely exploration of the interesting surroundings on hot sunny days in summer. The route follows the remnants of the Ice Age, first crossing the Örflaschlucht, then the Mitzgebach gorge and the dry valley with the Mationswiesen. These are only mown after 15 July and are therefore a great habitat for many butterflies and other insects. After descending into the hollow at Arbogast - another dry valley - the route takes in the impressive Wasserhaus (Water House) and then ascends via the Bildungshaus Arbogast (education centre where food and drink are also served) to the Therenberg viewpoint where hikers are able to take in the view across Götzis and see as far as Lake Constance when the weather permits. The descent also presents a detour to the ruins of Neu-Montfort before the route returns to the starting point again via the chapel of St. Loy.

Author tip

The route can be easily varied or extended at any time. Booking a hiking guide will open up many more options, just contact us at guideservice@aon.at.


Highest point590 m
Lowest point457 m
Best time of year
Safety information

Please note that parts of the route take in mountain trails that have to be trodden with care.

Turn-by-turn directions

The route starts at the ‘In der Riebe’ swimming pool’s parking lot and follows the signs through the Örflaschlucht (gorge). It then follows the signposts for Mationswiesen across the Mitzgebach (gorge) and passes the Mationswiesen to the ‘Kälberweide’. This is where it descends to the Arbogastsenke (hollow), crosses the federal highway and follows the signs towards the Bildungshaus. Relax for a few minutes in the impressive Wasserhaus. The route climbs past the Älpele water-treading pool up to the Bildungshaus and on to the Therenberg viewpoint. It descends again via the Neu-Montfort ruin to the chapel of St. Loy and back to the car park.

Public transport

Take the train to Götzis, then the No. 60 bus (Feldkirch) to Montfortstraße and on to the swimming pool or by the local No. 1 bus (Millrütte) to the swimming pool.

Getting there

Travelling from Bregenz, leave the Rheintalautobahn (Rhine Valley Motorway) at the exit for Altach and continue towards the swimming pool in Götzis; travelling from Feldkirch, leave it at the Götzis exit and then continue towards the town centre and the swimming pool.


Free parking at the swimming pool

Ankle-high hiking boots with profiled sole

Don't forget your sun screen, water and camera.

Author: Erich Zucalli
6,6 km