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Platz der Wiener Symphoniker © Petra Rainer

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Exciting facts about the region

Life is full of surprises – even more so when you travel.

... municipalities make up the region of Bodensee-Vorarlberg.
Orte der Region Bodensee-Vorarlberg
You might feel awkward, but still - hug a tree at least once in your life. Just go ahead and do it. Hugging a tree by surprise sends a wave of exhilaration through the forest, which has a positive effect on the oxygen level.
Birds (412 different species) at Lake Constance and the Rhine Delta Nature Conservation Zone.
Today, the Schubertiade, with around 80 different events und 40,000 visitors a year, is the most famous Schubert festival in the world.
Franz Schubert

Bregenzer Festspiele, Carmen

Carmen is being performed on the lake stage in 2017 – at the moment, you can watch the stage set being built.

If, after your arrival, you experience a strange tingling of the body, or maybe a glow from the neck up, please don't worry. It is a strange phenomenon that has been occurring fairly frequently recently. It's called happiness. However, it is not infectious.

We love handicrafts

Denz Herzen

like the hearts created by Margit Denz in Dornbirn.

Regional specialities

Christine Dünser Manufaktur


Lustenauer Senf


Schöbel Höchstgenuss

David Fussenegger Decke und Kisse

David Fussenegger Textil

Schokoladengenuss Fenkart

Fenkart Schokoladenmanufaktur


Bärlauchpesto Pfändergold


The fantastic world of soups at the Elfenküche

Josefines Spitzen-Taschen

Josefines lace-bags

Suppenwürze vom Vetterhof

Soup secrets by Vetterhof

Garten Eder Seifen

Soap dreams by Garten Eder


Melt-in-the-mouth pleasures by SchokoMus

Dietrich Vorarlberger Kostbarkeiten

A drop of the special stuff – Möth-Brigantium