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Platz der Wiener Symphoniker © Petra Rainer

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Exciting facts about the region

Life is full of surprises – even more so when you travel.

... municipalities make up the region of Bodensee-Vorarlberg.
A stay here also offers travellers with little time to spare time out to chill the soul. Whilst you walk from the restaurant to a concert, prepare your next meeting and study the timetables, a not negligible part of your being quietly, merrily unwinds, and couldn’t care less about anything. Except relaxing.

percent fig content. It really deserves the name fig mustard. It could almost be described as a jam – but not quite.

90 holds for the climb on the Känzele cliffs close to Bregenz, with a great view of the Rhine Valley

We appreciate handicraft

Schuhe Christine Dünser Manufaktur

Vorarlberg even has its own shoe-makers.

... long is the cheese trail on the Pfänder.
The world can be put to rights over a meal. Steamed, boiled, consumed and digested – this is how the body reproduces a part of the world and remains in contact with it. You are well advised to pay a visit to a restaurant serving good food.

Regional specialities

Christine Dünser Manufaktur

Lustenauer Senf


Schöbel Höchstgenuss

David Fussenegger Decke und Kisse

David Fussenegger Textil

Schokoladengenuss Fenkart

Fenkart Schokoladenmanufaktur


Bärlauchpesto Pfändergold


The fantastic world of soups at the Elfenküche

Josefines Spitzen-Taschen

Josefines lace-bags

Suppenwürze vom Vetterhof

Soup secrets by Vetterhof

Garten Eder Seifen

Soap dreams by Garten Eder


Melt-in-the-mouth pleasures by SchokoMus

Dietrich Vorarlberger Kostbarkeiten

A drop of the special stuff – Möth-Brigantium