The Alte Hallenbad in Feldkirch is turned into a hotspot for friends of good entertainment, cultural debate and club culture in summer. The poolbar-Festival creates a uniquely relaxed atmosphere at the old indoor swimming baths and should always be included on the list of cultural things to do when visiting the region. The programme ranges from family-friendly jazz breakfasts in the park, cinema, cabaret, slams, discussions, performances and club nights to concerts by renowned bands and those that are still considered insider tips.


It’s no coincidence that around 25,000 visitors flock to Feldkirch and the Alte Hallenbad every year. The poolbar-Festival has made a name for itself beyond the borders of the region and is a highlight in the calendars of all jazz, slam and cabaret fans. Those who enjoy discovering newcomers from exciting niches and listening to legendary artists will get six weeks of colourful entertainment during the poolbar-Festival.

It’s said again and again that the poolbar-Festival reinvents itself every year. But its fantastic atmosphere remains a constant while the elaborate system of cultural pleasure is always changing. What also endures are the locations: events and exhibitions take place every year in the Alte Hallenbad and right in the city centre.


4 July to 11 August 2024

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