Schloss Glopper Hohenems

Neu-Ems Fortress / Glopper Castle

Built in 1343 as Neu-Ems Castle, it is popularly known as Glopper Castle, and today serves as a Gothic retreat for guests from all over the world.

The Neu-Ems fortress was built in 1343 by the knight Ulrich I of Ems for his family, and it is still in very good condition today. It is known locally as "Glopper Castle". The fortress was destroyed in the same Appenzell War year as the Alt-Ems fortress but, in contrast, was promptly newly restored. The characteristic stronghold, with its castle-keep type bastions and great hall, have been privately owned by the Waldburg-Zeil family since 1843.

Glopper Castle was renovated in 2016 by Franz-Clemens and Stephanie Waldburg-Zeil, with a great passion for history and enormous attention to detail. Since 2018 it has welcomed guests from all over the world.