Blick vom Pfarrschrofen auf die Basilika

A leisurely hike through the shady forests of Rankweil

From the starting point across Schafplatz to Tufers, up to the plain of Egeta with Valduna cemetery and via the Pfarrschrofen back to the starting point.

The forests of Rankweil offer countless opportunities for relaxed hiking and exploring on hot summer days. The proposed route runs mainly in the shade of the woods while still offering many sites of interest and beautiful views. The Schafplatz presents a habitat at the waterhole that’s particularly interesting to kids. That’s because they can see tadpoles here that will transform into little frogs at the beginning of July. Water boatmen are also to be seen enjoying a lively swim here. The path crosses the wooded hilltop and then continues across a valley formed by glacial waters. There’s a small slope of travertine right next to the cycle path after the Goldene Mühle. The Sunnahof in Tufers presents an insight into an organic farm with animals and a place to rest in a pleasant rural setting. (Food and drink served from Monday to Friday.) The route then follows the Camino de Santiago past Valduna cemetery to offer pleasant views from the Pfarrschrofen to Rankweil and the basilica. Walkers and hikers can stop off at the basilica on the way back to the Marktplatz.


Highest point560 m
Lowest point459 m
Best time of year
Safety information
This hike is not difficult in any way.

Pay attention to the information provided in the pictures because signs become irregular after the Schafplatz.

Turn-by-turn directions

The route starts at the Rankweil-Marktplatz bus stop and continues across Marktplatz (the market square) past the parish church of St. Peter to Gasthof Sternbräu. It then initially follows the little Nafla (stream) to the right, turns left at the tennis court and follows the signs for ‘Schafplatz’. Schafplatz is reached after a short, beautiful ascent. The forest path above Schafplatz winds its way to the right over the forest hilltop to the place where stairs (also part of the fitness course) lead down to the left. (Unfortunately there is no signposting for the hiking trail here.) The route then enters a forest road that it follows until a right turn presents the signposts at ‘Neslers Bühel’ for the Tilis path to Runggels to track along. It then takes a left at Quadrescha and descends to the Goldene Mühle. It continues along the cycle path to Tufers for a short distance but leaves it again as it takes a left towards Sunnahof. It’s recommended take a break at the Sunnahof. The route then makes a brief ascent up the Walgauweg to the Egeta plain and passes Valduna cemetery before - following the Walgauweg – it takes a right just before the regional hospital at Klosterbsetzi. Further along the Walgauweg at Kriasibühel, it takes a left before it reaches the front Gastraweg. It then takes a left down and an immediate right again to Pfarrschrofen and then down to the playing field in Gastra and back to Marktplatz.

Public transport
Take the train to Rankweil, then towards Bahnhofstraße (300m) to the Marktplatz.

Getting there

Leave the Rheintalautobahn (A14 – Rhine Valley Motorway) at the Feldkirch exit. Then follow the signs for Rankweil. After the underpass, just before the centre, turn right in a sharp left bend towards Göfis and after 200 metres there are free parking lots before and after Gasthof Sternbräu. The hike starts at Gasthof Sternbräu.


Free parking before and after Gasthof Sternbräu.


Suitable hiking gear

Author: www., Erich Zucalli
8,4 km