5-day-forecast for the region of Bodensee-Vorarlberg

The weather in Vorarlberg is determined by the high mountain chains and Lake Constance, whose function as a heat reservoir is responsible for the mild climate. Its location, surrounded by high mountain crests, means that it can be dangerous for water sportspeople since surprisingly high waves are not infrequent.

The mountains provide warm fall winds which are felt by many. One peculiarity has been repeating itself for centuries: about every 70 years, Lake Constance freezes over so that it is possible to walk cross it. The last “Seegfrörne”, as it is known, was in the winter of 1962-63.


The autumn is as colourful as it is vibrant – warm summer-like autumn days bathe the mountainsides in a specific light. It is the perfect season for hikes and walks in the high and low mountain ranges and for bicycle tours on the region’s network of cycle paths. However, rainy periods are frequent during this season, quickly lowering the temperatures.

Sat|14 December Sun|15 December Mon|16 December Tue|17 December Wed|18 December

light rain



mostly cloudy