Feldkirch Herbst


Medieval town with charm

The town’s name goes back to the time of the Roman settlement when there were two churches in the field, one of which was the ecclesia sancti Petri ad Campos, from which “Feldkirch” is derived. The well-preserved medieval centre at the foot of the Schattenburg, the ancestral seat of the Counts of Montfort, is a charming setting for the urban life which boasts excellent gastronomy, interesting cultural events and a busy market. James Joyce, who just managed to escape arrest at Feldkirch station when fleeing over the border from Austria, was not the only one to stop over in Feldkirch: James Bond is also forever associated with the town.

The former elite grammar school Stella Matutina progressed from a college established by the Jesuits in 1649 which contributed to the town’s international religious, scientific and educational reputation between 1856 and 1979. Today, the six-week poolbar-Festival on this site is similarly well known, albeit by fans of cultural events. It utilises the old swimming pool of the Stella Matutina in the Reichenfeld complex. The town has had a new attraction since early 2015 – the Montforthaus is a great venue for a high-brow conference and culture programme. Naturally, Feldkirch is also a base for trips to nearby Liechtenstein. A Buddhist centre is located above the town for interested parties to rediscover themselves in a small, protected Tibetan world. There is plenty of space here – however, this only partly explains the attraction of Vorarlberg’s second-largest town. The city of Feldkirch celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2018. Its history, the important role it played during the age of humanism as well as its time as a frontier city at the turn of the century were presented in exhibitions, festivals, events, concerts and publication releases that took place throughout the year.



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