KUB Cafe und Kunsthaus Bregenz


Cultural city at Lake Constance

From the shores of Bregenz you can see as far as the horizon – a unique pleasure for the foothills of the Alps. The open space above the lake may well have characterised the spirit of innovation of the state. One thing is for sure – not only globally successful companies and institutions are concentrated in Vorarlberg; the products of our artistic and culinary life are held in high regard internationally. In particular, the Bregenz Festival sets the tone during the summer, since no stage in the state attracts as many visitors as does the performance on the lake. Art, culture, architecture and gastronomy on the smallest space between the lakeshore and the slope of the Pfänder are to be had, whatever the season.

Choice natural experiences are par for the course in the Lake Constance region. However, it is worth mentioning how smoothly things merge with one another here. As well as the breathtaking view of the Rhine Valley and the neighbouring countries of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a walk on the slope reveals the force of attraction which draws fans of architecture in droves – the detached houses you come across on the paths are like a stroll through a museum of modern architecture. From there, you get a view of the town centre, where you can easily get your bearings. Two strong architectural statements are located but a few metres away from each other – vorarlberg museum and Kunsthaus Bregenz, interrupted by a theatre which boasts not only a high number of visitors but also attaches great importance to promoting youths. The excellent eateries play their part too – this is the life!



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