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Places to enjoy yourself, specialities of the region, the flair of the market - be inspired! For such a small geographical region there is an exceptional amount of exclusive restaurants and attractive establishments to choose from. Not only does the region breed creative minds and culinary talents – it also seems to attract them.

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© Frida Bioladen.Café

Frida Bioladen.Café | Café, Restaurant & Inn, Shop

Café Steinhauser am Marktplatz Dornbirn © Dornbirn Tourismus Stadtmarketing GmbH

Café Steinhauser | Bar & Pub, Café

Cocktails ©

FREI | Bar & Pub, Café, Restaurant & Inn

Cafésito Dornbirn

Cafésito Dornbirn | Café

Schokolade © Theatercafé

Theatercafé | Café, Restaurant & Inn

museumscafé im vorarlberg museum, Bregenz © Petra Rainer, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus

Museumscafé | Café

Café Lorenz © Michael Gunz

Café Lorenz | Café, Restaurant & Inn

Café © Zanona

Café Zanona | Café

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Nachtisch im Restaurant Guth © Christine Andorfer

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