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Bregenz-Tour - A City Walk

If you are in Bregenz, you should definitely do this city tour - because many forget the upper town, the medieval old town of Bregenz. You can't get past the Neustadt, harbor and lake promenade - no matter which direction you're coming from. At the Kornmarktplatz you should definitely make a stop in one of the cafés - perhaps the break will also inspire you to visit one of the two museums on the square: vorarlberg museum and Kunsthaus Bregenz - both architectural highlights with exhibitions that are absolutely worth seeing.

Bahnhof Bregenz - Fußgängerzone - Kirchstraße - Palais Thurn und Taxis-Park - Oberstadt - Innenstadt - Hafen - Seepromenade -Bahnhof Bregenz

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Nehmen Sie doch einen Fotoapparat mit auf den Weg. Auf diesem Stadtrundgang sehen Sie viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, die es Wert sind, fotografiert zu werden.


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Main train station Bregenz - Pedestrian Zone- Kirchstraße - Palais Thurn & Taxis-Park - Old Town- New Town- Harbour- Lake Promenade - Main train station Bregenz

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On the large Seestadt car park opposite Bregenz train station


Our city tour starts at Bregenz train station. We follow the course of Sankt-Anna-Strasse, at the end of which we see the Vorarlberger Landhaus with its impressive fountain.

We now follow the Roman road in the direction of the pedestrian zone. But before we get to the Leutbühel, we turn right into Kirchstraße. Here you can discover the narrowest house in Europe with a wall width of only 57 cm. It's unbelievable that a door can even fit into this house wall. If we continue our tour uphill, we can strengthen ourselves in the Pizzeria Heidelberger Fass. A short detour along Gallusstrasse takes us to Palais Thurn und Taxis. In the park in front of the house is the Jodok Fink statue. He was the Vice Chancellor of the First Republic of Austria in 1919/20. The way back to Kirchstraße leads to the Capuchin monastery.

The Galluskirche can be seen from afar. This time-honored church is definitely worth a visit. Then a small path behind the church leads downhill again. Shortly afterwards we go directly to the upper town via the Meißnerstiege. On these stairs we can take another quick look at the Capuchin monastery and see how big it actually is. The Meißnerstiege ends directly at the Ehrlichgutaplatz, where we get a brief overview of the noble houses in the upper town.

Then we continue through the city gate and down the city path into the city center. Heading back towards the city centre, past the Seekapelle, we come to the Bregenz town hall, where it is worth taking a closer look at the decorations.x

After the town hall we go straight ahead, cross the railway tracks and come to the port. It was completely renovated in 2010 and is now in full splendor. The city tour continues along the lake promenade. Those who have not taken breaks so far and are now hungry can strengthen themselves in the Wirtshaus am See. At the end of our tour we visit the Bregenz Festival and Congress Center with the "Ready Maid" sculpture on the forecourt and the world's largest floating stage. From the Festspiel- und Kongresshaus we can easily get back to the starting point via the overpass.

Author: Vorarlberg Tourismus
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