Arche Noah Sammlung Kunst

Arche Noah - Sammlung Kunst & Natur, Hohenems

The Arche Noah offers a unique art collection for public viewing in Vorarlberg. This art museum is the result of decades of passionate collecting activities by Consul Hans Bäumler. The Arche Noah focuses on three core areas: the 19th century Munich School, the French and German Impressionists, and German Expressionism. More than 100 works by artists such as Carl Spitzweg, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Édouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Max Liebermann, Franz Marc, Emil Nolde and Pablo Picasso present a broad, tastefully arranged overview of 130 years of art history rarely experienced in such a compact setting.

For several decades the museum’s founder Hans Bäumler has also devoted a great amount of energy towards the preservation and conservation of nature and the animal world. Along with the cultivation and management of his own forest in Bavaria, his nature-oriented curiosity and dedication to discovery and exploration has taken him to many far-off lands. On his journeys through Siberia, Mongolia, Canada and Africa he has learned to love and understand the primitive beauty of the wilderness. In a space of over 600 square meters a large number of unique, exotic animal specimens, together with other precious finds from the natural world – from the smallest bird species and the very smallest vertebrate animal to a broad range of native wild animal species, albinos, butterflies, fossils, and minerals.