Tobogganing on the Bödele

Not only skiers love the Bödele, tobogganists are also magically drawn there. Ascending the mountain with the toboggan in tow: the toboggan run is two kilometres long; the lower part has bends and is sometimes steep. Those preferring a slow start or with young tobogganists in tow will find a slope for kids and newbies at the beginning of the skiing area. Toboggans are available to hire at the ski shop at Berghof Fetz for spontaneous decision-makers.

The large toboggan run is located at the foot of the Bödele. It’s possible to get to the top on foot or by bus. Those walking from the Bödele must pass Berghof Fetz towards the chapel from where the path takes a right downhill for between five and 10 minutes, left again briefly uphill to where the fun starts. Hikers can take a short break to warm themselves up with a cup of tea and or a hot soup at Berghof Fetz.