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Real lights
for bright nights

Strotz Leuchten, Bregenz

Outside swank – inside, simply wow! Anna Claudia Strolz, light designer from Schwarzenberg, wasn’t really happy with the lights she found available on the market. She found the use of too much plastic and too many cheap solutions unsuitable. That’s why she decided to take matters into her own hands – and, without further ado, set herself up as a self-employed designer.

Craftsmanship of this kind is our capital.
Anna Claudia Strolz


Since 2014 she has been the proud owner of her own shop in Bregenz town centre. At Strolz Leuchten, people with an eye for details can pick up lights which are made from high-quality materials – right down to the very last screw. The design is exciting. In her workshop, which is integrated in the shop, the finest of materials await processing: the most exquisite merino loden from an Austrian workshop, porcelain sockets, bulbs from Denmark and naturally tanned cowhide. Each and every lampshade is hand-made by the designer herself. It is with loving care and dedication that the designer has gathered together her materials from the region and from European workshops. Cooperation with two workshops from the Bregenzerwald ensures the quality for which the Bregenzerwald is famous. “Craftsmanship of this kind is our capital,” says the manager of the Angelika Kaufmann Museum on a voluntary basis. You can feel whether products shine from the inside since they harmonise in their entirety. These lovely lamps shine in two meanings of the word.”

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