Schattenburg und Montforthaus Feldkirch


The extensive Schattenburg museum, newly-renovated and expanded in 2010, is situated in the well-known castle-fortress Schattenburg, the landmark of the town of Feldkirch. It is one of the largest museums in the State of Vorarlberg. The castle itself was built about 750 years ago. In more modern times it was used as a barracks, then as a home for the poor. The Schattenburg was saved from ruin by the Feldkirch Cultural Heritage and Museum Association in 1912; the first museum was opened in 1916/17.

The museum’s 18 rooms offer rich insights into the lifestyles and traditions of earlier centuries; they also house an impressive collection of sacred and profane art. In the castle tower there is an exhibition of weapons dating from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. Special tours take visitors through exhibits dealing with hand spinning and hand weaving. A walking tour through this medieval castle is a great experience for the whole family. Through the bullseye pane windows beautiful views can be had of the medieval city of Feldkirch.