Switzerland/Lake Constance

The Swiss side of Lake Constance has a flair all of its own: gently rising hills lead to the Swiss mountains, home to unspoilt villages and fantastic mountain roads. Life in the countryside is lively and genuine at the same time, the mountains are imposing and the quality of life is high.

  • The Rhine Falls
    One of the biggest waterfalls in Europe, the Rhine Falls are 150 metres wide and plunge 23 metres deep. A viewing platform offers a spectacular view of this spectacle of nature in Schaffhausen – spray included!
  • Säntis cable car
    Travel from the Schwägalp to the peak of the Säntis at an altitude of 2,502 metres in a matter of 10 minutes. The panoramic view it affords you during the journey is incomparable, and with a bit of luck ibexes or chamois will stop to observe the silent cars as they float above their heads.
  • Abbey library, St. Gallen
    In the baroque hall of the abbey library, medieval treasures of book art are the keepers of ancient knowledge, craftsmanship and religion. In the form of changing exhibitions, the museum shows visitors around the cultural subjects of those days.
  • Appenzell
    Appenzell is both a region and a village with a famous historic centre. Discover on foot the tradition and craftsmanship of a distinctly rural region against a beautiful backdrop.
  • St. Gallen
    In the 10th century, a town gradually developed around St. Gallen abbey. Its large, historic centre is still largely preserved. Today, it is a small, bustling student town offering an array of attractions.
  • Zurich
    Switzerland’s secret capital – it has the greatest population in the country – enjoys a picturesque location on Lake Zurich, surrounded by gentle mountain ranges. Art museums, shopping streets, outdoor pubs and restaurants – urban life in a rich country can be enjoyed at every turn here.