The Montafon is surrounded by two imposing mountain ranges – the Silvrettamassiv with the Piz Buin (3,312 m), which towers above everything else around it, and the Rätikon with its glacier slopes. The Silvretta alpine road is known as the “Dream road of the Alps” and travelling it is an unforgettable experience, not just for motorcyclists. People started settling in the – then undoubtedly inhospitable – region 5,000 years ago. Today, 61 cable cars, over 1,100 km of marked hiking paths and an adequate amount of hotel beds open up the region.

  • The Silvretta alpine road paves its beautiful yet curvy way past the two reservoirs of Vermunt and Silvretta, revealing numerous viewing points to justify its title “Dream road of the Alps”.
  • The Gauertal AlpkulTour is a thematic trail featuring sculptures by the artist Roland Haas. The alpine hiking trails offer an unusual way of learning about the Montafon alpine mountain pasture culture.
  • The historic St. Anna gallery on the Bartholomäberg descends 115 metres – nobody actually knows how long it really is. It is an unforgettable experience for visitors.
  • The largest forest rope park in Vorarlberg is located on the Golm. An alpine toboggan run also awaits speed freaks.
  • A guided culture and nature trail takes you around Wiegensee, affording you a fantastic view of the Silvretta mountains as well as of the fauna of an upland moor.