inatura - Nature Exhibition Dornbirn

Please touch - experience nature, people and technology

The inatura has a unique museum concept: Visitors are welcomed to participate interactively in certain exciting topic areas, making research, natural science and technology “graspable”. With the help of experiments, study objects, films and pictures visitors set out on a playful journey through natural habitats typical for Vorarlberg: mountains, forests and aquatic environments. Another section of the museum focuses on the human body. One can wander through enlarged models of organ systems and experience with all the senses how they function and can best be cared for.

Interactive and multimedia presentations demonstrate the interplay and tensions which exist among living beings in their various habitats. Insights are provided into the wonders of nature, the human being, and technological accomplishments. Passing through the inatura permanent exhibitions, guests are confronted not only by its extraordinary, historic industrial architecture; again and again, technological displays – the Science Zones – are encountered, which simultaneously entertain and educate visitors about natural and technological phenomena.

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