Foto 1 (c) Stadtmuseum Dornbirn

Bödele-compact in English (Öffentliche Führung)

Who does the Bödele belong to? To understand a cultural landscape.

An exhibition in the Stadtmuseum Dornbirn and the Angelika Kauffmann Museum in Schwarzenberg unveils many insteresting and also revealing facts about the local recreation area. Politically, the area still belongs to the municipality of Schwarzenberg; as a local recreation area it is, however, used mainly by the population of Dornbirn, so much so that the people of Dornbirn like to refer to it as "their" Bödele.

Contrasts are characteristic of the Bödele: Dornbirn and Schwarzenberg, holiday homes and protected high moor, Girardelli slope and family ski area, motorcycle races and ashram. The Bödele is like a magnifying glass that bundles social and historical change. But for many people it is also a very personal place of memory.

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Foto: © Stadtmuseum Dornbirn