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Cyclist at Lake Constance © Kevin-Artho, Archiv Vorarlberg Tourismus
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Statistically speaking, every Vorarlberg native travels 235 km on his bike on average per year. That is a record in Austria and speaks for the good infrastructure. The network of biking routes is optimally developed.

And biking in this country is just a pure joy. The distances at the lake and in the Rhine Valley are pleasantly even and lead through landscapes which one could never explore in the same way by car: directly along the lakeshore and the Rhine dam, through the Rhine delta nature preserve area, the natural marshlands of the Rhine Valley. Those looking for a greater challenge can simply bike up one of the mountains.

Bike Tours around Lake Constance
For visitors and locals alike the bike tour around Lake Constance is equally popular.  

Bike and Ship
You can transport your bikes on the Lake Constance cruise ships for a fee, as long as there is enough space on the ship. You can buy single or multiple tickets. Information: Lake Constance Cruises,
T +43 (5574) 42868.

Bike and Cable Railways
The Pfänder railway (Bregenz) transports bikes daily from 8 - 10 a.m. free of charge.

Bike and Rail
Public transport: Local transport and regional trains transport bicycles, but some only at specific times.

Bike Rental
Bike rentals are available in Bregenz, Dornbirn, Feldkirch, Frastanz, Götzis, Hard, Hohenems, Hörbranz, Klaus, Lauterach, Rankweil and Wolfurt. The rental store is usually the local sports shop. You can also rent bikes at the train stations in Bregenz, Feldkirch and Rankweil. 

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6900 Bregenz
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