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Turandot  Anja Köhler, Bregenzer Festspiele
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Bregenz Festival

by Giacomo Puccini

20 July to 21 August 2016

The opera "Turandot", which is to be performed on the Seebühne in summer 2016, is about the search for true love. The production under festival director Elisabeth Sobotka will be staged by Swiss director Marco Arturo Marelli.

Giacomo Puccini's last opera is set at the Chinese imperial court. The story of Princess Turandot is based on a story from the "1001 Arabian Nights" and follows her search for her one true love. The climax of the opera is the famous aria "Nessun dorma", in which Turandot orders that no-one is allowed to sleep until the mystery surrounding the name of the unknown prince has been solved.

Festival offers

Accommodation + Turandot
› 1 accommodation per person in a double room from EUR 38,50
   extension nights possible
› Ticket – Opera on the lake (Turandot) ab EUR 79,-
› Service fee EUR 9,-

Price per person from EUR 126,50

Accommodation + Turandot + Hamlet
› 2 accommodations per person in a double room from EUR 77,-
› Ticket – Opera on the lake (Turandot) from EUR 79,-
› Ticket – House opera (Hamlet) from EUR 107,-
   Dates: 20., 25., 28. July 2016
› Service fee EUR 9,-

Price per person from EUR 272,-

Optional services:

› Bodensee-Vorarlberg Leisure Card from EUR 16,-
› Guided Tour: A look behind the scenes EUR 7,-
› Introductory talk Euro 7,-

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