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Modern Architecture

At the beginning, there was a dispute. They had studied architecture, but weren’t willing to pay the high membership fee which would admit them to the Chamber of Architects. And so they called themselves the “Vorarlberg Architects” and went their own way. Their aesthetic and, above all, affordable houses based on Vorarlberg building tradition gained — and are still gaining — approval. That was in the 1980s.

These days, the region on the Austrian side of Lake Constance — indeed, the whole of Vorarlberg — is considered a center of modern architecture. Nowhere else in Austria will you find as many well-built, contemporary buildings in such a small area: hotels, schools, kindergartens, fire brigade buildings, community halls, and residential buildings. In the towns as well as the villages, the stylistic concept of the new Vorarlberg architecture unites the traditional with the modern. Wood is the building material of choice. Clear forms and functionality are priorities, as well as ecologically practical. Many of the houses are true masters at saving energy.  

  • Multiple dwelling overlooking Lake Constance (q.rt architektur)
  • Bregenz Festival and Congress House (Dietrich/Untertrifaller)
  • Interactive nature museum inatura (Kaufmann/Lenz and Dietrich/Untertrifaller)
  • Detached house on a slope of the Pfänder (q.rt architektur)
  • Dornbirn municipal baths (Cukrowicz/Nachbauer)
  • Rehearsal room of the music society in Zwischenwasser (Marte.Marte. Architekten)
  • Rohner harbour building, Fussach (Baumschlager/Eberle)
  • The Nordwesthaus in Rohner harbour, Fussach (Baumschlager/Eberle)
  • Terminal V (Hugo Dworzak)

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